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Kobo Plus is a subscription program that offers you unlimited reading and/or listening for one low monthly price! Bonus: The first month is F-R-E-E. It’s cheaper than KU–and there are soooo many romance books listed there.

All of my books are enrolled in Kobo Plus!

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Because size matters

Love & Lust in Large Print!

It’s no secret I’m eyesight challenged. If you know someone who’s the same, have I got a holiday gift idea for you!

Love & Lust in Large Print, a kickstarter event, offers 13 brand-new, exclusive large print editions of today’s best selling romance novels — including me! I’ve teamed up with a bunch of author friends to offer a baker’s dozen big ole’ books you can actually see. Because nobody wants to squint through the good bits!

A special edition of Tough Luck, book one of the Shakedown series, that includes a bonus story is one of them!

Follow our campaign and be the first to secure a holiday book bundle your eye doctor will approve!

Participating authors include: Liz Alden, Mia Augustine, Danika Bloom (me!), Lisa Daily, Lainey Davis, Cathryn Fox, Karen Grey, Kelly Jamieson, Liz Lincoln, Deanna Roy, Kilby Blades, Elizabeth SaFleur (that’s me!), and Sara Whitney.

We’ve each selected one book to bring to large print format. These will be grouped together by subgenre, beautifully packaged, and mailed to you or a recipient in time for the December holidays!



Cover Reveal and Release News!

I realize this collection been a long time coming. Wait no more.

For readers who want more of the Elite Doms of Washington, I give you… Finally, His.

This companion collection of novelettes include some of your favorite characters (Alexander, anyone?) as well as introduces some new players (Oh, Griffin!). I hope you enjoy them.

Pre-order here >>> https://books2read.com/FinallyHis

Publishes October 10!

“To think she and Alexander had been separated for decades until a few years ago. How had she survived that time? How had she breathed?” ~ Rebecca from The Portrait

I understand, Rebecca. Really, I do.

Gorgeous cover done by Lou J Stock of LJ Designs!

Amazon ebook: https://amzn.to/44jPh7U
Apple Books: https://apple.co/3qyCukd
Kobo: https://geni.us/FinallyHisKobo
B&N: https://geni.us/FinallyHisBN
**If you are subscribed to my newsletter, you may recognize two of the stories: The Portrait and When Darkness Calls. But both have been edited and include new scenes/material.

Conversations With Characters #13

My brain has been going off in weird directions lately. I blame it on the fact we just binged The Diplomat on Netflix.

Me: Hello? Anyone want to come out to play?
Him: Whatcha got?
Me: Dunno. Hero, heroine, villain. Thinking revenge. Enemies to lovers. Maybe unalive someone evil for funsies. Need you to have a shovel and a morally gray character.
Him: Backhoe. It’s faster.
Me: I can roll with that. Shirtless? Glistening? Next to a huge piece of machinery? With *ideas?*
Him: You’re obsessed with male bodies. I can roll with it. We get busy afterward?
Me: You and the heroine aren’t together yet. But you’re defending her honor to show off. Someone who hurt her.
Him: If that happens, I don’t have time for a backhoe. I leave him in a ditch.
Me: Evidence.
Him: I’ll pin it on you.
Me: Fiction, remember?
Him: Do you think the FBI will believe that when they get a load of your search history?
Me: It’s not that bad.
Him: <<clears throat and begins to read>> Is fire the only method to remove blood evidence? Can someone leave fingerprints on a body?
Me: Okay, okay. We won’t unalive anyone.
Him: So, instead, I make her scream my name in ecstasy so loudly the whales in the ocean answer? Birds startle in the trees in South Africa? The moon’s distance shifts?
Me: You’re weird.
Him: Welcome to your brain.


RAREMelbourne was a-mazing. Australian readers are so lovely–and polite. And there is so much to say about the country itself. It’s a happy place.

At the book event, I had to become a SWAG pusher because very few people wanted to take any of the eyeglass cloths, buttons and stickers and bookmarks I brought at first thinking it was impolite to snag “too much.” Never too much!

We also spent time down under touring, finding Koala bears in trees, kangaroos in fields, gorgeous birds *everywhere*. Plus the wine! OMG. They have the BEST wine. I did the legwork, trust me. So. Much. Wine. I hope you caught some of the pictures I posted in Elizabeth’s Playroom and my Instagram feed.

Now I’m back and have three books I’m working on because Australia gave me ideas. Watch my newsletter as well as here for more!

In the meantime, here’s a koala for you! Sighted on the Great Ocean Road.