London’s List from UNTOUCHABLE

In Untouchable, public relations executive London Chantelle both baffles and intrigues Carson Drake. Carson, a corporate attorney, doesn’t like mystery and starts a mental list of what he learns about London as the story unfolds. Below is a bonus scene where Carson finally commits his list to paper, a full year from when they “got together.” SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t read Untouchable, minor spoilers below.


Carson Drake scratched at his growing five o’clock shadow. He didn’t sleep well last night. London, on the other hand, slept like the dead. He kept his hand on her back all night just to make sure she breathed. For hours he stared at his wedding band glinting in the glow thrown from the fireplace as his hand rose and fell with her breaths.

They’d had a hard and oh-so-satisfying evening at Club Accendos’s private New Year’s Eve party. They’d tested out her Christmas gift to him, a set of four snake-tail whips handcrafted from a Master in Italy. He chuckled to himself. Within the first hour of the private play party, she’d happily lured him into breaking in all four whips, three dildos, two nipple clamps, and … “A partridge in a pear tree,” he whispered into her neck.

After placing a kiss into her hair, he rose from the bed. He had something to do—something he should have done a year ago. It was time to put London’s List in writing. The mental list he’d amassed about her as they worked their way to one another would be his New Year’s Day present. She listened hard to his commands last night. It was time for him to show he also listened to her needs, desires, wants and special characteristics that he now knew made up London Chantelle. My wife.

He sat at the antique desk in the corner and took out the pen his late brother had given him at the last Christmas they’d spent together. The silver surface bumped against his wedding ring. For the rest of his life, he’d notice anything that occurred around his ring, his most treasured possession as it symbolized the most important characteristic of his own: loyalty to the woman who slumbered just three feet away.

The pen made a faint scratching sound as he committed to paper the things he knew about his wife.

London’s List

One, London is feisty, smart, nervous—a real live wire.

Two, London is one gigantic contradiction that drives me mad. She’ll continually tests me to see if I’m maintaining control and maintaining her hard limits even when she, herself, seems desperate to break them.

Three, London’s emotional and mental maze has movable walls. I must always be on the alert for sudden shifts.

Four, she likes me to hold her neck, and needs to wear a collar most of the time to feel whole.

Five, she’s my little phoenix, rising from the ashes. When she wants something—in life for herself or others, she makes it happen.

Six, she hates to be cold. (Note to self, she needs this limit tested soon.)

Seven, her ass should be bronzed.

Eight, London’s temper rivals Pele, the Hawaiian fire goddess.

Nine, despite her maddening independence, she’s a natural caretaker which only makes number two even more real.

Ten, London is my reason for living.

Carson put down the pen. That last item made his eyes prick like a girl. He scrubbed his chin. Truth was, he could go on for hours writing down bits and pieces he’d learned about his woman.

London stirred in the bed. Perhaps he’d make a new list for her every New Year’s Eve, a ritual they could share together. Yeah, you’re officially whipped, he thought to himself.

After folding the paper into three, perfect sections and slipping it into an envelope, he wrote My Phoenix on the front of it and placed it on the nightstand where she’d see it when she woke up. Then he returned to bed and where he belonged for the rest of his life—next to London.


About Untouchable

Carson Drake doesn’t do love. But he didn’t see her coming.

London doesn’t trust men. Particularly not her client, Carson Drake. He’s clearly used to being in charge–in the office, in the boardroom, and at the club she never expected to see him at.

Turns out the gorgeous billionaire is also a seasoned Dominant. And he seems to know exactly what she secretly wants. What she needs. She knows she shouldn’t say yes.

He’s only interested in a one-time thing. She isn’t interested in him at all. But as long-buried secrets surface and their time together grows more intense, the biggest surprise of all might be falling in love.

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