Not every scene that I write makes it into the final book. Below is a deleted scene from the prologue of INVINCIBLE.

Alexander Rockingham doesn’t suffer bratty behavior in his subs.


“Such a lovely shade of pink.” Alexander pinched Lina’s ass, and she yelped. Such lovely tears, as well. If only she hadn’t taken thirty-two, rebellious seconds to drop to her knees when he’d demanded it. The long, angry stripes his cane had inflicted on her pale flesh made his cock ache with need, but he was not about to reward the greedy little masochist for her bratty behavior. Her cheek slid across the padded bench and left a wet trail that reflected the dungeon’s red lights.

He fisted her silky chestnut hair and yanked her head back. “Do you have something to say to me, Lina?”

“I-I’m sorry, sir. I won’t do it again. I won’t delay.”

“That’s my good girl.”

He released her hair, and she swallowed as she resettled against the seat. Her lashes fluttered like hummingbird wings, and she ground her pelvis against the bench. Her arousal scented the air. She wanted more. She always wanted more no matter who she played with.

He circled to the front of her. “Open your mouth.” Her lips dropped open, and her tongue reached for the front of his pants. Think she was getting a taste? Think again. He placed the cane between her lips. “Clamp down and hold it.”

Her eyes flew wide, and she took the bamboo cane into her mouth like a bit gag. He ripped the Velcro straps securing her arms free, but her fingers curled around the bench legs. She didn’t want to let go. Tough. He stepped behind her, grasped her thighs and yanked her down the padding until her ass hung off the end. “Show me how much you enjoyed that.” He split her legs apart and took a long minute to appreciate all her glorious, glistening, plump, flesh waiting for his taking. When she whimpered as he dragged his finger up and down her seam, he thickened to a harsh degree. A responsive sub got him hard as granite.

He unzipped his pants and drew himself out. With one long thrust, he hilted to the root. A long, wet hiss emitted from behind the cane clenched tight against her teeth, and her lids dropped to half-mast in pleasure. Not so fast, little one. He dragged himself out slowly, letting her feel every inch, every vein, every bit of what he’d granted her. That was all she’d get. She hadn’t deserved the one stroke he gave her. It had been an undeserved gift, a glimpse into what she could have had.

He tucked himself back into his briefs without bothering to zip his pants. “Drop the cane. Stand,” he growled.

The cane clattered to the floor, and her head twisted in profile though she made no attempt to rise. “But, sir, I don’t—”

His hand came down so hard on her tanned ass she choked as she tried to swallow a cry. He rained blows over those cane marks until sobs burst from her throat and more broken capillaries bloomed across her skin.

He paused and trailed his fingers over her bruised ass. “Little brats aren’t rewarded with pleasure for long. You understand?” He circled to her side, knelt, and pushed hair off her damp face. “Now, did you want to say something?”

She shook her head a little, her pants coming hard.

“I didn’t think so.” He placed his large hand on her back, watched her ribs rise and fall with her breaths until she calmed. “Now, what else will you never do?”

She cast her eyes downward. “Sir, question your commands unless my safety or another’s is at risk, sir.”

She was rather lucid for someone who’d been given twice the number of cane strokes—and a follow-up spanking—he’d typically give someone with such lovely and delicate skin. Then again, this was Carolina, the woman he’d had to assign dungeon monitors to oversee whenever she subbed. Her brattish demeanor proved … a challenge.

He stood. “Rise.” He helped her upright and took possession of her neck with one hand. His other clamped down on her arm. “Excellent. Now, on your knees.” He guided her down to the hard floor. He didn’t trust her not to hard drop, and concrete made for a hell of a landing.

He drew himself out of his pants again. “Hands. Boxed. Behind you.”

She did so quickly, her eyes clearing a little. Did she believe she was about to be rewarded? Think again. His hands once more took possession of her head—one yanking her head back by her hair to elongate that beautiful throat while the other fed her his erection, inch by inch until her nostrils flared seeking oxygen. He pulled out slowly and let her take a long inhale.

“You won’t come.” He thrust back in. “In fact, you’re not going to come for a while. This is for me and me alone.”

Her lashes blinked, and her head fought his hold to nod her understanding.

He backed out again slowly, only to slide back in until he felt the tight clasp of her throat relax fully. He fucked her mouth, hard and fast, until tears streamed down either side of her face, and he spewed his come down her throat.

After tucking himself back into his pants, he pulled her to standing and drew her to the door. He hit the call button, and while waiting for his submissive assistant to arrive, he circled her waist, commanded her to bend over his arm, and treated those gorgeous red stripes lacing her ass. Once Carrie arrived, he handed her over.

“She’s not to touch herself, Carrie.”

A tear to slid down the brat’s cheek. He lifted her chin in his hand. “In fact, you won’t come for three days, Carolina. Carrie is going to take you to the aftercare suites. You’ll take a nap. Afterward, you’ll go up to my room and help the maid who should be there in about three hours. You’re going to clean my bathroom. When done, Tony will drive you home. Tomorrow he’ll pick you up at 8:30 a.m. You’ll come back here. I want you nude and kneeling in the Library by 9 a.m.”

Her eyes sparked at that instruction. Oh, if she only knew.

“You’re going to watch all the play scenes until 3 p.m. In particular, you’re going to study the submissives and all the pleasure they earn because they—” he tilted her chin up so she was forced to gaze into his eyes “—don’t disappoint their Masters.” He dropped his hold, and she wisely dropped her gaze. If she hadn’t, he would put her on the cross in the corner and leave her there while he pleasured two or three submissives until she writhed in frustration.

“Carrie will write all this down for you so you have no excuse not to obey.”

Carrie dipped her chin. “Yes, Master Rockingham.”

When Carrie turned the girl away, he gave Lina a swat on the ass. The little imp’s lips twitched upward. Perhaps he should strap her to the cross. Unfortunately, he lacked the time. He’d been on his way to a meeting when he caught the girl inching her way into another scene, uninvited. Her response to his crooked finger to call her to him was pure Carolina. Considering the last hour, he was certain the next time he motioned her to him she would not emit a long sigh and roll her eyes.


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