Kiss A Ginger Day: Chapter 14

Note: Fyyc is F*ck in Welsh. So not a typo! But please forgive any other typos. (I’m happy to hear about them, too.)

Alice’s hands roamed his back, fingertips brushing along the curve of his spine. Studied him. Every time they came together, she noticed something new. Like how the freckles scattered across his shoulders deepened in color as his skin grew more flushed. How they formed a pattern like a star constellation.

Theodore stilled. “Breathe.”

She sucked in air, her chest barely moving under the weight of him.

He growled, nipped along her jawline and began to move again. He’d been doing this for over an hour—bringing her up to the precipice only to pause, tell her to breathe, tell her how beautiful she looked pricked with perspiration and panting. Her “glowing” had to be exertion from holding back a tsunami of an orgasm.

“Theodore, please.” She never took herself for someone who begged. At this point, she didn’t care that he pulled that out of her so easily. An overbearing urge to get him as deep as possible overrode any pride.

His hands twisted in her hair, pulled her head back to expose her neck. “Let’s take the day off.”

“Can’t.” The word was barely a puff of air.

“Drill sargeant. Or is that me?” His hips one more pitched into her, licked his lips as if he was about to take a bite of her.

She giggled. “That would be you drilling.”  Why not give into the juvenile humor?  They acted like horny teenagers anyway.

He pulled out, grasped under her knees and yanked her further down the bed until her calves hang down the side. His gaze roamed her body once more. The raw heat blazing in his blue eyes was like he was taking her in for the first time again. It was so fucking hot. This man wanted her. Like really wanted her.

He dropped to his knees, roughly parted her legs. She was so exposed a sliver of embarrassment threatened to rise. But then he dove in and sucked hard on her clit.

“Oh, my god,” she cried out. There was no easing in of things with Theodore. The man gave her no more time to react. Two of his thick fingers began working in and out of her as he licked relentlessly.

Her back arched in a huge convulsion of sensation. She was sure he’d have to peel her off the ceiling.

He didn’t wait for her to come down. He crawled up her body, entered her just as the last waves of her orgasm were fluttering inside her. “So. Fyyking good,” he growled into her neck.

She stared up at him, amazed. And maybe a little in love. Even though those words hadn’t crossed between them, she recognized the warm glow in her chest. But she needed to keep it at bay. Love would complicate things.

Still, her mind spun. Would it always be like this between them?  Their bodies vibrating against one another? So in sync?

His mouth was on hers again, kissing her deeply as he pulsed inside her, releasing himself. When he released his kiss, his hot breath brushed over her face, his blue eyes drank her in.

“Beautiful.” He brushed damp hair from her face. His words increased the happiness blooming behind her ribs.

She bit her tongue in case she said something unwise, like the L word. She couldn’t be in love with him. It was merely the oxytocin coursing through her body.

Cold hair washed over her chest as he fell down beside her. He panted as much as she was. They both stared up at the ceiling for a long minute, neither caring that they were over an hour late to Edison Tech.

He threw his arm over his eyes. “You’re going to have to shower alone,” he said to the room. “We’ll never get out of this apartment if I keep looking at you naked.”

“Good idea.” She might be tempted to lie in this bed all day otherwise. “You first, though.” She was desperate for water, and then coffee.

She rose up, clutching the damp sheet to her breasts. Her modesty was stupid. He’d seen everything at this point. Tasted everything.

While he showered alone. she picked out the day’s outfit, a plain black skirt and a crisp white shirt. Nothing that might give Theodore ideas once they got to the office. She had a boatload of work to do.

She made a bowl of yogurt and granola and a pot of coffee. She also texted Patty and Tricia and told them she would be in a little late. “More than a little late,” she muttered. Neither one of them texted back right away so she headed to her bathroom to extricate Theodore. The man was a shower hog.

Just as she got near, he cracked open her bathroom door. A cloud of steam surrounded him as he stepped out.

“Were you reading War and Peace in there?” she teased.

“Taking care of business. All I could think of was you being out here naked and alone.”

“Tell me you didn’t.” How could he beat one out after their sexual gymnastics?

“It took a bit, but I managed.”

The man was a sexual neanderthal. Didn’t he ever get tired? How many orgasms could a man have in one day? “You have any skin left down….” She dipped her chin down toward his crotch.

“Nope. Thanks to you.”

Gah. The nerve. “I’ll have you know, I’m lucky I have a vagina left.” She was sore. Damn, she should have had gotten cranberry juice the last time she was at the store. Which was when, exactly? Her routines were so off since Theodore Gaston, the fourth, had arrived.

“Anything I can do to help lubricate the tissues?”

“Don’t you dare.” They really had to get to work. “I’ll only be twenty minutes.” Fifteen, if she didn’t shave her whole leg. That took so long.

Ture to her word, they finally were out the door twenty minutes later. Her hair, still wet, twisted up in a messy bun, wearing her black skirt and white shirt.

“Well, great,” Theodore muttered as he locked the door behind her. “Now I’m going to have sexy librarian fantasies all day.” He turned and let his gaze cover her from head to toe.

He moved to advance on her, but she slapped her palm on his chest. “We are so late.”

He grasped her hand, lifted it to his mouth and kissed the back of her hand. “You sure you don’t want to take the day off?”

For half a second she was tempted. But then, as if her conscience was trying to reach her, her phone pinged in her purse. “That would be work wondering where we are.”

“Got that all from the chime, did you?”

“They’re the only ones whoever call or text me.”

His brows furrowed a little. “I call.”

“Ah, but you’re work. Technically anyway.”

He slapped his chest, dripped his chin. “Relegated to the work zone. Crush me, will ya?” He raised his lids, all that blue twinkling at her.

“Okay, you’re more than work.”

“More than.” He yanked her forward to her captured hand was the only thing separating their bodies. “You are most definitely more than.”

His eyes bore down on her. She had to remind herself not to read anything into the little sparkles that danced there. But seeing how intently he gazed at her the traitorous glow in her chest grew the size of the sun. It nearly knocked her off her feet.

She swallowed. “I’ll see you at the office, though?”

“I’ll make a point of it.” His wicked grin ruined yet another pair of her panties. Her reaction to him was uncanny.

And that golden light inside her chest? It didn’t get any smaller—not when she got in her car. Not when she drove the fifteen minutes to work and found her favorite parking spot occupied with Roger’s car of all things. And now when she stepped off the elevator and into the usual bullpen chaos.

In fact, she barely heard anyone as she made her way to her office, plunked herself down and turned on her computer.

More than kept swimming in her mind. She’d never been more than to anyone before.

She glanced up every time the elevator door dinged across the large office space. Theodore stepped out on the fifth time the doors opened. His eyes searched the space quickly and then found hers. Even from across the cattlepen she could see the warmth in his smile. He was happy to see her.

But then he abruptly broke the eye lock, headed toward the conference room.

That was good. Yes, she reminded herself. It was good that they both were at work—and hadn’t tumbled back into bed. That they’d gone to their separate corners of the office.

Of course, the self-imposed celibacy only lasted until 3 p.m.  That’s when he unwisely chose to slip into her office, ask how she was doing. Five minutes later, door locked and blinds drawn on the large glass window, he laid her across her desk. Her skirt pushed up around her hips, her white blouse opened so he could suck on her breasts through the lace fabric of her bra.

Like rabbits, he’d once told her. It was true. And the little critters of the world would have been proud of them.

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