Kiss A Ginger Day Bonus Epilogue

Surprise! Enjoy this bonus epilogue for Kiss A Ginger Day, a steamy workplace romantic comedy.


One year later.

Theodore’s tongue slid into her mouth, and a moan bubbled up from her throat.  Only the incessant flap-flap-flap of their beach cabana curtains and some distant voices of other beach-goers kept her from stripping off her bikini bottoms and riding him like a carnival ride.

He broke the kiss, his hot breath running ragged over her lips. “Happy?”

“Delirious.” It was hard to be anything but giddy with Theodore.

She still couldn’t believe they were actually married.

They didn’t have a traditional wedding, but it was perfect. They whisked themselves off to the Justice of the Peace, a burly fellow with an infectious laugh. The bobbleheads were their witnesses—along with Theodore’s brother and Patty.

Ever since, she rode a wave of happiness she’d never imagined.  “Who knew I’d be more rested being on the road with you?”

“No one is asking you to be the office fixer anymore. That’s why.” He dragged her onto him so she had no choice but to sit astride his glorious torso. “Though I saw you eyeing that copy machine at the O’Flannery headquarters the other week.” He arched an eyebrow. “Should I be jealous?”

She snort-laughed. “As if Suzy would let me near her office machines.” The woman was insistent that problems be solved by those charged with solving them. That left Alice off the hook and opened up her time for so many things, like having real conversations, a skill she didn’t even realize she’d had until her new gig.

Alice ran her hands through Theodore’s hair. “She’d be afraid we’d christen it.” They’d been good, though. No more office sexanigans in supply closets. There was no need since they slept in the same bed every night.

He placed his hands on her rib cage, moved his index fingers over her nipples. “I got to say I do miss the supply room at Edison.”

“I don’t. I miss nothing from that place.” Intruding thoughts, especially around Roger, were wiped away mostly because Theodore’s fingers kept doing their magic thing. He was obsessed with her breasts. Not sorry.

“So, Mrs. Crawford-Gaston, the fourth, what do you say to me making you scream my name in ecstasy so loudly the whales in the ocean answer? Birds startle in the trees in South Africa. The moon’s distance shifts.”

Sex here? In the cabana? “We’ll scare the tourists.” Her words were barely a whisper because his hands. They were in an adult-only resort, however. How bad could it be?

“No? Rather go back to our room and pack to leave?” He moved to sit up, and she pushed him back down.

“Not so fast.” He fit between her legs so beautifully, and such an offer and an ensuing decision about it should not be rushed. “First, a risk management assessment.”

He opened his mouth to speak but she put a finger to his lips to stop him. “One. Someone might see.”

“We have curtains.”

She glanced to her right at the sliver of beach peeking through the panels. Logical. “But we might miss our plane, which—”

“Means we’d get on the next one.”

“Again?” Technically, they were supposed to leave yesterday.

He grinned. “Oops?”

Her thoughts exactly. Their first vacation together, and technically their much-delayed honeymoon, was too short. Two weeks was not enough time.

Yesterday, they’d conveniently missed the one flight off the island because they found the pool grotto empty and when would that happen again? It demanded to be christened.

Who could keep track of time on an island anyway?

“There has to be a limit on rebooking,” she said.

“That’s what my frequent flier status is for.” His hands cradled her head, and drew her down so his chest pressed against her aching nipples. So unfair. The man knew exactly how to distract her.

She tried to push herself up more but his mouth latched onto a nipple.

They were going to miss their plane. Again.

There were better things to do. Like causing a scandal on the beach.

She stripped off her bikini top. “Okay. I heard beach sex isn’t all that great. We need our own data.” They couldn’t be the first people to get it on in one of these private cabanas.

He grasped her ass and dragged her over his cock trapped in his bathing trunks. Best. Feeling. Ever. She took a long breath in and stared into his blue eyes as he did it again.

“Alice,” he whispered. “My love…”

She fell down to him, her mouth crashing once again on his. The way her nipples were on fire, the ache growing between her legs, the governor of Hawaii could have swiped back the curtains and demanded they stop and she’d have waved him away.

“Take off my trunks,” he growled into her mouth.

Theodore had impeccable British manners—until the bedroom door closed behind them. Then, he turned ferocious and quite frankly, a little bossy.

She swung her leg off and shucked her bikini bottoms first. Then, went to work on his bathing suit. It slipped down his legs easily.

She settled back, astride on his lap. When his hot mouth latched back on to her breast, another long groan bubbled up her throat. The man’s tongue really needed to be cloned. It’d be a gift to all womankind, though no way would she share.

He worked on one breast and then moved to the other. She tried to wrest her hand free so she could reach down to his cock but he growled a warning.  “Leave it.” The words rumbled against her breast.

So bossy.

His fingers slipped down between them and to her pussy. He thrummed them against

her clit, making her circle her hips involuntarily.

Oh, how she loved bossy.

“Please,” she panted. He had learned her body so well. Every touch was strategically placed. The pressure, the rhythm of his hand—he knew exactly how much.

“Don’t you want to be inside me?” she whispered.

“Every second of every day. Do it,” he ordered.

She positioned herself and curled her pelvis upward to capture him. His breathy hiss as she sunk down turned her into Niagara Falls.

Best boss ever.

Eyes heavy-lidded, he stared up at her as she went to town. Why not? It was their last day.

His nostrils flared. His hands grasped her ass and made her go harder and faster.

God, she wanted more. Her heart swelled in her chest, watching his face contort, the muscles in his arms flex as he moved her.

A craving to get closer, have him deeper, grew. Her legs began quivering. She was so close. She fell forward onto his chest, her mouth latching onto his neck as she went over the edge.

As her pelvic muscles spasmed around him, he hardened further. A grunt vibrated against her chest, as warmth filled her with his release.

For long minutes, she gulped in warm, balmy air, not making any effort to move despite the stickiness between them.

They were never leaving this cabana. Ever.

If Theodore was the only person in the world she ever saw or talked to for the rest of her life, she’d be happy. Yet, she wanted more. So much more of the love coursing through her veins.

“Best Kiss a Ginger Day ever,” he whispered.

Her eyes misted and she rose up to stare into his beautiful blue eyes. She wished everyone could have someone look at them the way Theodore looked at her. Soft, devoted, loving.

There needed to be more of him in the world.

The strangest thought occurred to her. What if they did have little Theodores and Alices?

Children would be the end of sex in a cabana in an adult-only resort. They may actually be relegated back to supply closets or wherever they could.

Would that be terrible?

Theodore pushed hair behind her ear. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” She sat up, a little perplexed at her train of thought. But then she wasn’t. At all.

“You have a strange look on your face. Everything okay? Do you need something? Did I hurt you?”

“Hey.” She placed her hands on his shoulders, felt the strength there. It was settled. No need for an assessment because absolutely, there needed to be more Theodores. “Once we finish all the O’Flannery’s problems—”

“Which will never happen unless—”

“We make little gingers.”

His eyes fired—that deep blue turning molten like glass that just came out of a glassblower’s kiln. He pushed himself up to lean against the back of the chaise. “Little, as in…”

She nodded vigorously.

“Hmmm, that means…” He rubbed his chin.

“We have to get off the road. Eventually,” she added quickly and grasped her lip between her teeth. “I’ve already found a company where we can land.” She hadn’t meant to do that research, but when she learned of it she couldn’t help but mark it in her mind as a possibility. How handy. Maybe she’d been thinking of a lifestyle change for a while and didn’t notice?

His chuckle rumbled through his chest. “Of course you have. So…” he ran a fingertip around her nipple and she didn’t even try to stifle a satisfied sigh from the tingles cascading through her body from it. “Okay. Little gingers. Care to get started now?”

“Which? The job or—”

“Or. We’ve already missed our plane.”

Oh. He pitched his hips up and she felt his growing erection. The man’s recovery time was shockingly short.

“You really are incredible, Theodore.”

He cupped her cheek. “You are. Alice, for the last year, every day, I’ve seen our children in you. Was just waiting for you.”

Her body couldn’t contain all the swirls of feeling inside her. She was going to explode.

“Same,” she choked out. “I mean, seeing our children in you. And how cool would it be to have conceived on Kiss a Ginger Day?” She had been kind of lax lately with her birth control, so… yeah, maybe she had been thinking of this all along? And her brain was finally catching up? Kind of like all her time with Theodore, she supposed.

“So, you think we could…”

He rolled her on to her back. “Assignment accepted.”

And true to Theodore’s word, once more they proved beach sex was unfairly maligned—and very productive.