Elizabeth’s Bonus Scene Library

Steamy Romcom Bonus Scenes

Kiss a Ginger Day Bonus Epilogue

Shakedown Series Bonus Scenes

Good Guys Part 1
Good Guys Part 2

Elite Doms of Washington Bonus Scenes

The Reporter Knows Best? Meet Jonathan Brond of Elite
The Job Interview (Meet Christiana Snow) of Elite

London’s List from Untouchable

Outtake from Perfect: Isabella and Yvette’s Oak Room Dinner
Unpublished Chapter One of Perfect

Lina: a deleted prologue from Invincible

Holiday Stories

It Was All the Fruitcake’s Fault
Peppermint Sweet Bake & Coffee Shop Menu (From the Meet Cute series)
Thanksgiving letter from Scarlett (From the Meet Cute series)

Christmas Letter fromĀ  Club Accendos (Elite Doms of Washington series)