Melbourne Bound!

Where are my wonderful Australia readers? I’ll be at RARE Melbourne, April 21 – 23. Who can I meet there? I am sooo looking forward to the event, and seeing Australia. Husband and I are making a Big Deal Trip out of it. We’ll be arriving in early April and tooling around the Southern part of the country for a few weeks before landing in Melbourne.

Don’t know about RARE Melbourne? Join the fun (even if you can’t go) at the Facebook Group Here.

If are going, and want to preorder books from me to pick up at my table, click HERE.

The HEA Collective

You know how I love to share with you good stuff I come across. Here’s a fantastic bookish opportunity for you!

Every month, if you’re an HEA Collective Patreon subscriber, you can download up to four novellas with a particular theme.

(Pssst, I’ll have a novella available through the HEA Collective!)

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Conversations With Characters

A sneak peek into what goes on in my head. (And you can check this out on TikTok, if you want, too!)

Him: I wanted two blondes.
Me: Too cliched. You’re getting a brunette and–
Him: A blonde.
Me: Alright. Alright.
Him: Don’t get snarky with me, Miss Writer. I’m responsible for all that. <<waves at my keyboard>>
Me: I need a break.
Him: Wimp. Now, this next scene–
Me: Tomorrow.
Him: You remember the last time you thought you’d remember my brilliance?
Me: In the middle of the night? Yeah, I dictated it into my phone.
Him: How’d that work out for you?
Me: <<picks up phone and reads aloud>> Demons go mithing. But its okay. Set the house on firey good lord move over and stop snoring but demons are Kalember juicy cat. <<peers up at Him>>
Him: Rough night?
Me: My husband snores, what can I say? <<but gets his point so returns to keyboard>> Now what were you saying?

Conversations With Characters

Or the negotiation.

“Him” is an unidentified male hero who wants a story. Don’t they all? And why don’t they ever tell me their name upfront?

Me: Five pages.
Him: Twenty-seven. Hot tub scene.
Me: Ten. A pool.
Him: Summer?
Me: Fall. Heated.
Him: Aspen
Me: Jackson Hole
Him: You’ve never been.
Me: Research trip.
Him: Justification?
Me: Always.
Him: Deal.
Me: Only one woman, though.
Him: Now you’re pushing it.
Me. Greedy.
Him: Virale.
Me: Confident?
Him: Guaranteed performance.
Me: Two women.
Him: If I must.
Me. Played me, didn’t you?
Him: Now you’re getting it.

Exciting new Book News!

It’s been a hot minute since It Was All The Daisy’s Fault was out but I have yet another fantastic book announcement for you! (Yes, I’ve been holding out on you.)

I’ve joined with nearly 50 other authors to bring you something that you’re going to love!

Every month the Happily Ever After Collective will deliver exclusive romance novellas from best selling, award winning authors who know how to deliver that HEA romance reader crave.

When you join the #HEACollective and you’ll get:
✔️💜 48 Exclusive, Never Before Published Novellas (a new trope each month!)
✔️💜 12 Reader-Favorite Romance Tropes
✔️💜 All the Sexy Shenanigans

How to participate:
✔️💜 Sign up for the newsletter now HERE  
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I’ll be posting more about this collection soon but for now, for more info VISIT HERE 

HEAs for everyone!