RAREMelbourne was a-mazing. Australian readers are so lovely–and polite. And there is so much to say about the country itself. It’s a happy place.

At the book event, I had to become a SWAG pusher because very few people wanted to take any of the eyeglass cloths, buttons and stickers and bookmarks I brought at first thinking it was impolite to snag “too much.” Never too much!

We also spent time down under touring, finding Koala bears in trees, kangaroos in fields, gorgeous birds *everywhere*. Plus the wine! OMG. They have the BEST wine. I did the legwork, trust me. So. Much. Wine. I hope you caught some of the pictures I posted in Elizabeth’s Playroom and my Instagram feed.

Now I’m back and have three books I’m working on because Australia gave me ideas. Watch my newsletter as well as here for more!

In the meantime, here’s a koala for you! Sighted on the Great Ocean Road.