Conversations with Characters

Unidentified hero: Let’s go for a walk. I have things to dictate — scene changes I want.
Me: No time. I have a jazillion zoom calls today.
Him: I may not want to talk tomorrow.

Me: I’ll have to risk it, oh, exalted one.
Him: Man, you’re testy today. 
Okay, 2 a.m. it is.
Me: Don’t you dare.
Him: It’s quiet then. No Zoom calls. They never say anything interesting anyway. Hey, why don’t we have a scene where I slip under the desk and go down on her while she’s on one of those work calls and she has to keep it together with her boss watching and–

Me: Slow down. I need to get all this down.
Him: Thought you didn’t have time.

Me: Every woman’s got time for that.

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