Conversations With Characters

A sneak peek into what goes on in my head. (And you can check this out on TikTok, if you want, too!)

Him: I wanted two blondes.
Me: Too cliched. You’re getting a brunette and–
Him: A blonde.
Me: Alright. Alright.
Him: Don’t get snarky with me, Miss Writer. I’m responsible for all that. <<waves at my keyboard>>
Me: I need a break.
Him: Wimp. Now, this next scene–
Me: Tomorrow.
Him: You remember the last time you thought you’d remember my brilliance?
Me: In the middle of the night? Yeah, I dictated it into my phone.
Him: How’d that work out for you?
Me: <<picks up phone and reads aloud>> Demons go mithing. But its okay. Set the house on firey good lord move over and stop snoring but demons are Kalember juicy cat. <<peers up at Him>>
Him: Rough night?
Me: My husband snores, what can I say? <<but gets his point so returns to keyboard>> Now what were you saying?

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