Conversations With Characters

Or the negotiation.

“Him” is an unidentified male hero who wants a story. Don’t they all? And why don’t they ever tell me their name upfront?

Me: Five pages.
Him: Twenty-seven. Hot tub scene.
Me: Ten. A pool.
Him: Summer?
Me: Fall. Heated.
Him: Aspen
Me: Jackson Hole
Him: You’ve never been.
Me: Research trip.
Him: Justification?
Me: Always.
Him: Deal.
Me: Only one woman, though.
Him: Now you’re pushing it.
Me. Greedy.
Him: Virale.
Me: Confident?
Him: Guaranteed performance.
Me: Two women.
Him: If I must.
Me. Played me, didn’t you?
Him: Now you’re getting it.

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