The Justice Series

Justice Wears A Stiletto

Washington, D.C. is full of powerful women. Some, however, are a little more controlling than others. Meet three D.C.-based Femme Dommes—Stella, Candor and Julianna—and the submissive men who get what they need: discipline, love and a larger purpose.

(Note: All books are stand-alone stories with no cliff-hangers.)

The White House Gets A Spanking


Stella Martin finds her perfect submissive man in the most unlikely place—The White House.

Stella Martin never wanted the White House beat, until a friend’s request to watch over her latest submissive plaything while she’s out of town turns out to be the White House Communication Director, Laird Harkness—a man known for his boldness. How odd. How interesting. How delicious.

Laird hadn’t expected his perfect Femme Domme would show up in his office—the most famous house in the world and a place where his secret desires could end his career. But something about Stella intrigues him, and she may be the first woman who can sate his craving to submit, serve and belong to someone.

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Spanking the Senator

Candor Moore will take a bullet for her protectees. Just don’t ask her to fall in love.

Secret Service Agent Candor Moore puts her life at risk every day to protect the men and women this country elects to high office. She expects no thanks, would prefer to remain invisible. So when she saves the life of Senator Thomas Kincaid she doesn’t understand his sudden romantic interest in her. Love is messy. Love is unpredictable. Love cannot be controlled. But exercising her full Femme Domme nature with a delicious male sub? Oh, yes.

Thomas can’t stop thinking about the beautiful guardian angel who put her body between him and a bullet—the first woman to spark his interest since his wife died. Candor proves to be a hard sell when he asks her out, and even harder to pin down around commitment. Thomas has never before taken orders in the bedroom, but for his Mistress Angel’s love, he’ll go all in—which proves to be the key to earning her heart.

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