An Elite Doms of Washington novella


Yvette Sava is through with men. That gorgeous, younger man isn’t for her. Nope. No way.

When Yvette Sava takes a spill on the ice outside of her Washington, D.C hotel, she knows the handsome man that helps her up spells trouble. Ryan Knightbridge is strong, passionate and demanding—and too young for her. But Ryan has waited a year for his chance with the lovely submissive, who withdrew from society following her high-profile divorce. Unable to resist his charm, Yvette agrees to spend two days and two nights with him, allowing herself to indulge in desires shuttered long ago—but with a clear deadline. Now, Ryan has one wintry weekend to prove to her she’s worthy of love—and he’s worthy of her submission.


FIVE STARS – Great add to your TBR list.
‘Holiday Ties’ is another great read by the talented Miss Elizabeth SaFleur. . . I can’t wait to read more in this series. A great add to your tbr list. Definitely recommended. ~Denise, Goodreads reader

FIVE STARS – Hot eroticism and sweet romance.
Elizabeth pens a romantic, BDSM short. There is plenty of hot sex as Ryan dominates the willing and very submissive Yvette with some great scenes, including a very steamy shower scene. Elizabeth knows how to write hot eroticism and sweet romance, weaving them together. ~Naughty Ladies Publications (Reed James)

FIVE STARS – Extremely hot, very enjoyable erotic romance.
Holiday Ties is an extremely hot, very enjoyable erotic romance novella with BDSM themes. What sets this one apart from many dominant/submissive stories — besides great writing — is that the dominant in this case is younger than his would be submissive. It creates an interesting dynamic and a different type of conflict for the characters. ~Ria, Goodreads reader & Amazon review

FIVE STARS – Chemistry between them sizzled.
This story has a strong, confident, younger Dom; and a brave, sensitive heroine. Let me say, the chemistry between them sizzled. I adored the way they met, the sex scenes, and the how the characters interacted with each other in private and public. ~Kindle customers, Amazon review

FIVE STARS – SaFleur writes with authenticity.
This novella grabs you from the first sentence and does not let you put it down until the last word. Elizabeth SaFleur writes with authenticity. She clearly knows the Washington scene intimately, and effortlessly enmeshes the reader into this world. And what a world! It is hot, sexy and surprising. It leaves you wanting more. ~Bluebird, Amazon review