The Shakedown Series

“It’s an honest world here. You respect people. You keep your promises. Or there are consequences.”

~ Trick Masters, Tough Road


Tough Road – Available June 9
(Shakedown series prequel)
Rachel’s lying, embezzling ex-fiancé Trick Masters has some nerve showing up now—full of accusations and looking so hot.

Rachel Grant worked her fingers to the bone after her fall from society’s grace, thanks to her sudden poverty and connection to ex-fiancé Trick Masters who was convicted of embezzlement. How dare he show up after being released and accuse her of framing him. How dare he look so good, so put-together, so infuriatingly handsome.

For the last three years Trick Masters has been consumed with revenge–for whoever set him up, for losing his investment banking career, for almost losing his mind in prison. Now free, he’s getting his life back on track, first by finding Rachel and second, by discovering the truth—which turns out neither of them has or ever did.

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Tough Luck – Available July 14
Shakedown is a place of second chances, but only for some…

Ex-con Nathan came to Shakedown to start over, not fall hard for one of their burlesque dancers, Midnight Starr. But who could resist such a woman? She was light and fire and everything good about the world.

But he will fight that thudding desire for her. He has to. The MacKenna family, whose son he accidentally killed many years ago, has drawn a target on his back and he won’t drag her into his mess.

Starr, however, isn’t one to give up easily. When she wants someone, she’s all in.

She has no idea what she’s in for.

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Tough Break – Coming this Fall!
Declan, Shakedown’s owner, doesn’t pine for women. They come to him. Throw themselves at him. No one understands his obsession with cold, angry Phoenix Rising.

But how could they? How could they know what she did for him so long ago? He owes her and he won’t stop until every trace of the hurt and betrayal he sees in her eyes is gone.

Phoenix won’t give in to his adoration. She also made a pact long ago.

Never be separated from her sisters again.
Never to be swallowed whole by another’s agenda.
Never allow a man to dictate her life like their father.

Declan should move on. He should stop tempting her. Stop being so damned perfect.

But when she learns of his connections to a dark underworld, she may be the only one to save him – but will she?

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Tough Love – Coming this Fall!
Carragh has waited years for the perfect moment to overthrow his father. Take the crown, the throne, and the fortune due him as the eldest son.

Then redheaded burlesque dancer Luna Belle sashayed into his view and refused to leave his dreams. Fine. He’ll take her, too.

No matter her refusals.
No matter her futile protests.
No matter her denial of the red-hot heat between them.
He will have her.

After all, a King needs his Queen.

But Luna Belle has plans. They do not involve an underworld life. They do not involve being a slave to an untenable, consuming passion for one Irish kingpin.

She’s not about to let someone like him ruin her and her sister’s lives. She can live the rest of her life knowing she’ll never want a man as much as she wants Carragh.

She can resist him.
She has to.

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