The Shakedown Series

The Shakedown Series takes you into the world of Shakedown, a burlesque club that offers a second chance to ex-cons, ex-gangsters and a host of characters who’ve been handed a big plate of bad circumstances. Thank god for Shakedown’s owner, Declan Phillips, the master of the do-over. He believes in redemption—even for the wicked and hopeless.

Tough Luck
Nathan, fresh out of prison, falls hard for burlesque dancer Midnight Starr. When the family whose son he accidentally killed many years ago paints a target on his back, he’ll have to give her up. Starr, however, isn’t one to give up easily.

Tough Break
To most, Max is just the dumb bodyguard. Burlesque dancer Luna Belle also knows what it feels like to be underestimated. Together they’ll find those reputations come in handy when people from Max’s past come to call with bad intentions—for them and everyone around them.

Tough Love
Burlesque dancer Phoenix Rising isn’t interested in club owner Declan Phillips, despite his annoying, constant attention and old-fashioned courting. He, however, isn’t easily dissuaded—not even when her past rises up to try to destroy them and Shakedown.

Coming to you in 2020!

Read the novella, Shakedown, which kicks off the series

Rachel Grant worked her fingers to the bone after her fall from society’s grace, thanks to her sudden poverty and connection to ex-fiancé Trick Masters who was convicted of embezzlement. How dare he show up after being released and accuse her of framing him. How dare he look so good, so put-together, so infuriatingly handsome.

For the last three years Trick Master has been consumed with revenge—for whoever set him up, for losing his investment banking career, for almost losing his mind in prison. Now free, he’s getting his life back on track, first by finding Rachel and discovering the truth—which turns out neither of them has or ever did.

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