Not all power in D.C. is wielded by politicians

The Elite Doms of Washington series

Emotionally-laden stories, luxurious escapes, and heroes and heroines who know exactly what they want.

The heat is turned up high, so consider yourself forewarned – and perhaps pre-warmed.

The Justice series

Washington, D.C. is full of powerful women. Some, however, are a little more controlling than others. Meet three D.C.-based Femme Dommes—Stella, Candor and Julianna—and the submissive men who get what they need: discipline, love and a larger purpose.

The Shakedown series

The Shakedown Series takes you into the world of Shakedown, a burlesque club that offers a second chance to ex-cons, ex-gangsters and a host of characters who’ve been handed a big plate of bad circumstances.