Club Accendos

Alexander Rockingham, an Elite Dom of Washington, bought his home in Georgetown in 1986, when the world was optimistic and fortunes were only waiting to be claimed. Rumor says he bought the five level mansion, which takes up an entire block in Georgetown, from an industrialist, old-money family, paying twice its value but quickly reversing its crumbling state to a home now worth three times what he paid.

He opened the first two floors as Club Accendos, a private, exclusive and secret club, for BDSM practitioners shortly after its renovation. The reason why is complex.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Club Accendos

Why did Alexander name his home and club, Accendos? Accendo is the Latin term meaning to kindle, illuminate, inflame. Alexander added an “s,” believing it rolled off the tongue easier. He chose the word because, quite frankly, it’s exactly what occurs at his home-turned-club.

Why did Alexander turn the first few floors of his home into this club? Alexander has a fascinating past, which unfortunately also involved discrimination for his sexual preferences. He opened the Club to ensure people like him had a home and could exercise their desires to the fullest without judgment and in a discreet setting. His history will be fully explored in book #7 of the Elite Doms of Washington book.

Why belong? A number of “services” are available to members, such as protection and legal support, education, and enough play space and accouterments for even the most seasoned BDSM player. The Club also boasts discretion rarely seen in the nation’s capital. No one, except for the Tribunal Council members, who comprise the governing body of Accendos, have ever seen the full member roster.

What is the cost to join? The vetting process to belong to Accendos takes one year, while the Tribunal Council investigates the potential member. There is a $500,000 initiation fee followed by annual dues of $100,000. (Note: there have been exactly 3 exceptions to this “one year” rule. Steffan Vidar and Laurent Chacon were two of them.)

What is the most popular part of Accendos? The most popular room in Club Accendos is The Library, which was once the largest private library in the nation’s capital. It is the size of a ballroom. Alexander has kept the tall library ladders that people once used to reach the higher shelves. They make excellent whipping posts.

The most popular viewing space is the Grey Room, which houses seven St. Andrews Crosses and a two-way mirror for viewing. Up to twelve people can sit comfortably in the “viewing room,” which overlooks the Grey Room’s play space. UNTOUCHABLE’S Carson enjoys the Grey Room immensely. So, does London.

Another popular spot is the Master’s Private Library. This secret, smaller library, is accessible from the second story gallery of The Library, and with one more hidden door for fire code safety. The MPL, as Alexander calls this special room, is only open to the Tribunal Council members and other dignitaries upon request. The ending scene in UNTOUCHABLE takes place in the MPL.

There are many other secret spots in Accendos. Check back here for updates!

*Note: Club Accendos is fictional and featured in the Elite Doms of Washington series.



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