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Conversations with Characters

Me: {{Musing to the ceiling}} I might take a few weeks off in December.
Unidentified male character (a.ka. “him”): {{clears throat}}
Me: Not again.
Him: I’m new.
Me: Of course you are. 
Him: What if I bear gifts?
Me: {{finally looks at him}} If it’s not chocolate, wine or cheese, it better be Henry Cavill.
Him: Challenge accepted. How about writing some Witcher fan-fic where he feeds you all three. I can start working out to fit the part.
Me: Have you seen the man’s workouts?
Him: You have?
Me: YouTube is a gift to all frustrated steamy book writers out there. 
Him: You should be writing not trolling Henry Cavill workout videos.
Me: Men love to be admired.
Him: {{flexes bicep}}
Me: Ooooh. {{Puts hands on keyboard}} What do you want your name to be? The heroine’s name is definitely Elizabeth.
Him: You are so easy.
Me: You have no idea.

New Book! Do we love a grumpy boss or what?

RELEASES January 25, 2021!

Remember a few months ago when a grumpy guy walked in and was complaining about how much this other character, Adelaide, talked? These two would not leave me alone. So they got a story. And lo! and behold! A group of authors had similar experiences with nanny characters. I joined forced with these fantastic writers for the Practically Perfect Nannies series.

About The Sassy Nanny Dilemma
When Ashton Scott returns to his hometown with his daughter he was trying to avoid complications. Hiring a nanny who’d secretly had a crush on him for 14 years wasn’t on his to-do list.
But now all grown up, did she have to be so damned magnetic?
Good thing resistance to temptation was his specialty. At least it was…
Available for pre-order from your favorite online retailer:
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Heat Levels in Romance

I had the amazing good fortune to spend the last weekend with hundreds of fellow writers on a virtual author retreat. During one of our “virtual happy hours,” we had a conversation about heat level in books. Like how and when we use the “P” and “C” words.

Here’s my take (and I really would love to hear yours!):
Erotica (five flames — sometimes 10 flames!) is a story where someone experiences personal growth through a sexual experience. No happily ever after required, though there might be one. ALL the words are used.
Erotic romance (five flames) is where two or more people come together and sex plays a big part in either bringing them together or tearing them apart. But you’re guaranteed a happily ever after. You’ll see all the “P” and “C” words** here. Lots of thrusting and wall banging and, well, you get the picture.
Steamy romance (4 to 3 flames?) is where the bedroom door is still open but you’re not using all the “P” and “C” words. You might get away with a “C” here and there. But for the most part there’s a lot of suggestion — and there are a fair amount of these smexy scenes or at least smexy attraction is ongoing much of the time. Oh, and a definite HEA is required.
Sexy romance (2 to 3 flames?) is when sex is definitely going on but it’s not graphic at all. You’re still in the bedroom with the characters but you’re not getting tons of details, and the number of bedroom shenanigans is limited.
Do you agree with these definitions? You, the readers, are really what counts in this definition equation.

** You know what I’m talking about, right? LOL

Conversations with Characters

I can’t even….
Me: {leaning back in chair because finally the book is done}
Unidentified male character (a.ka. “him”): Busy?
Me: Get out.
Him: I haven’t told you yet the story I want written about me.
Me: {Tosses dictionary toward him} Look up the definition of “get” and “out.”
Him: You know resistance is futile.
Me: Where were you three days ago when I had writer’s block?
Him: Oh, good, that means you want to hear my story about how I started the store where people find their soul matches except so long as I’m the owner of the store I can’t, which is my purpose in life so I can’t stop, but… well you see where I’m going.
Me: I did something in a former life to have my brain be so strange, didn’t I?
Him: You should be grateful I jumped the line.. {jerks head toward the hallway} … the guy behind me wants a reverse harem but with both men and women. The woman behind him? A story about a reformed demon who helps women get revenge on men who conned them but then she falls in love with her con man and the demon
Me: Reformed demon.
Woman: {pops head around door frame] Did I hear demon? It’s my turn now?
Him: Get out. 
Me: That’s my line.