“… pure elegance… each chapter is better than the last.” ~Mile High Kink Book Club
“I highly recommend you 1-click…definitely go in my tops reads…” ~Alpha Book Club
“…just when it seems like it is going down a predictable path there is a twist and then a turn.” ~Badass Bloggettes

Everyone knows Jonathan Brond as the playboy congressman. They don’t know he’s hiding a second life–one he only shares with select women.
Christiana is tired of trying to stay afloat, at school, at home, and with her socialite best friend. She’s desperate for something new, something different.
They shouldn’t be together. They shouldn’t have ever met.
He’d be crazy to give in to his desire for her. She’d be crazy to accept his indecent offer–a proposition her best friend would kill for.
They are one step away from a scandal that could bring both their worlds down, but some temptations are too great to refuse.


 The Elite Doms of Washington series

Meet the Doms who always leave their partners satisfied…

   Romance that dares to “go there.”

~~Experience luxurious, glamorous escapes in the Elite Doms of Washington series ~~Fall in love with the alpha men who will stop at nothing to meet their match ~~Meet the heroines who take charge in the Justice Series, Femme Domme romance books ~~Enter the underworld of the burlesque club, Shakedown, a place of mystery, secrets & second chances in the Shakedown Series.