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***Sexy Snippet Saturday***

a contemporary erotic romance

~~Not all power in D.C. is wielded by politicians (except, perhaps, by this one)~~

~ ~ ~ EXCERPT ~ ~ ~

Jonathan stood on the blazing hot concrete longer than he cared to, but he needed to resolve the internal debate that had raged in his head since he sat down. The last person he expected to see here was Christiana Snow. Yet, there she sat, tempting him like a creamy delicacy.

A fall of blond hair cascaded over the back of the chaise and her long, elegant legs stretched out, glistening with sunscreen. Small breasts, barely covered in triangles of sapphire Lycra, rose and fell with her deep breaths. She looked more serene than he’d ever seen her, certainly more than when they plowed into one another at the Churchill fundraiser mere days ago.

Her rosebud lips parted on a sigh. His mind filled with visions of succulent kisses—and wet sucking sounds from her mouth encasing his cock. He hardened instantly.

Perhaps running into Christiana at the fundraiser—and now here—was fated. He didn’t believe in such nonsense, yet some kismet seemed at work.

The more voluptuous Avery Churchill perched beside Christiana. She wore the same expression he’d seen at the fundraiser. Ennui and entitlement. She irritated the fuck out of him.  It was strange seeing these women from two different worlds together, given what he knew of Christiana’s family history. And, he was from yet a third universe.

He should walk away.

Christiana stretched like a warm kitten in a slat of sunshine.

She’s nineteen. Forget it. He had an election to win, a family legacy to restore, and a personal life that already skated the edge of respectability.

Walk. Away.

Her pink tongue swirled over her lips. He turned toward them. Jonathan had an hour before he needed to be at the television station. He could at least say hello.

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4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon
(Thank you, wonderful readers & reviewers)

. . . simply unable to put it down. There were several little twists and turns which surprised me and kept me on my toes.”
~The Smutsonian, professional reader and reviewer

“Elizabeth’s obvious familiarity with the city of Washington DC is apparent from page one, and as we move briskly through this fascinating story, it is equally apparent that she is imbued with both a familiarity with the social life, the government types, and the shenanigans that only occasionally creep into the media.”
~Top 100 Reviewer on Amazon

“. . . an extremely well-told story that expertly balances romance, sex, and intrigue. It’s thrilling, highly erotic, emotional, suspenseful, and ultimately very satisfying.
~Amazon Reviewer

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