Erotic Romance Books Can Be Born in the Unlikeliest Places

Occasionally I’m asked were I get my ideas. From everywhere, I say. 

For instance, in May while visiting friends and family in Germany, the muse paid a visit. We were sitting in a bar in Freiburg, Germany (wonderful town by the way). We watched a man attempt to seduce a much younger woman in white jeans. My husband kept insisting she was doing the seducing. The women in my party didn’t buy it. A conversation ensued (or perhaps it was a good excuse to keep ordering German beer?). Regardless, White Jeans, a short story, now part of the BDSM Writers Con 2015 anthology, was born!

White Jeans’ story blurb:
Hayley is desperate to show Joseph he has her complete submission. But Joseph shows her complete surrender isn’t the same as seduction.

Below is the picture I took of the inspiring couple in the Freiburg bar. Regardless of who was seducing whom, I wish them luck. Do you think they know what they inspired that night?

What do you think? Who is seducing whom?

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