Friday Hot Read: Cecilia Tan’s The Incubus and the Angel

PictureToday we offer a special treat: an interview with award-winning Cecilia Tan. Cecilia was just been named the 2014 Reviewers’ Choice and Career Achievement Winner in erotic romance by RT Book Reviews. The well-deserved award is just another to add to her long list of honors.

I was first introduced to Cecilia’s work through her Struck by Lightning trilogy, a three book contemporary erotic romance series. Today, we spotlight her latest release, The Incubus and the Angel, the third volume in her LGBT, new adult, paranormal romance series.

About The Incubus and the Angel: 
Since his arrival as a freshman at Veritas, the hidden magical university inside Harvard, Kyle Wadsworth has been on a quest for true love. He’s had his heart broken a few times along the way, though, and now halfway through his junior year he thinks he isn’t ready to love again. He has grown obsessed with studying an ancient prophecy and is still haunted by past events, even in his dreams.

But Kyle isn’t the only one suffering from haunted dreams. One of his good friends, an enchantment student named Lindy Carmichael, is having uncontrollably erotic dreams and difficulty with magic. Lindy, a sexually naive young woman who, like Kyle, did not grow up in the magical world, fears she is losing her power. Kyle can’t do anything about the incubus haunting her nights, but power is one thing he can provide—through erotic magic. Lindy and Kyle start “dating,” first for the sake of schoolwork, but they quickly become more serious about each other.

As their romance blossoms, Kyle discovers perhaps he can do something about the incubus after all. Is Kyle the hero prophesied in the ancient texts? Whether he is or not, there is one person whose help he must enlist. The one person who wants the least to do with him. The person Kyle sees in his dreams: his old Gladius House rival, Frost.

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Cecilia was kind enough to answer a few of our burning questions, too. 

ES: What first drew you to the erotic or romance genre?
CT: I started writing erotic stories back when I was a teenager. I used to write stories about my friends meeting the boys of their dreams, as well as wild fantasies like being ravished by macho aliens from outer space. Even as a child I was instantly drawn to Catwoman and the “slave girl” who meets Kirk on old Star Trek. 

ES: What made you decide to sit down and start THIS book? How did the idea come about?
CT: What’s funny about this book is I had been writing fiction professionally for about 15 years already, I’d had books published by HarperCollins and Running Press, when I got drawn into writing Harry Potter fanfic for pure fun. What some people don’t realize about the Potter fan community is it’s very analytical of the books, and often very critical. We were constantly interpreting the books and speculating, what if this, what if that? One of the things I thought about a lot was what would university life be like after Hogwarts? Those thoughts led me to inventing the magical university hidden inside Harvard, and the unique sex magic practiced there, which is the basis for the Magic University books.

ES: Tell us a little bit about Kyle in The Incubus and the Angel. What is his goal, motivation and/or stops them from having the life they want as the story opens?
CT: Kyle is starting his junior year of college in this book and he’s basically on a quest for true love. He has magical sexual talents that bring him–and the people around him–a lot of joy, but he knows he hasn’t found The One for him yet. In fact, Kyle’s not even sure if The One will be male or female. Meanwhile the person he wants to connect with the most is the person who hates his guts. What’s a young sex magician to do?

ES: What is next for you, writing-wise? Any new books you’re working on you want to share?
CT: I just turned a manuscript in at Hachette/Forever that will be a rock star romance with BDSM elements entitled TAKING THE LEAD. I got to have a LOT of fun with that one! It takes place in Hollywood and it’s always fun to write a male character who is a raunchy sex machine with a heart of gold. Mmm.
[Ed note: Ooo, I cannot wait for this one!]
ES: What would people be surprised to learn about you and/or your writing?
CT: I don’t know if there are really any surprises left given that anyone who follows me on Twitter probably knows all about me by now… But how about this: when I’m not writing erotica, science fiction/fantasy, or romance, I’m writing baseball nonfiction.

Quick Takes:
Favorite word: Quintessence
Favorite season: Autumn
Mountains or beach? Mountains
Dogs or cats? Cats
Blonds or brunettes? Brunettes
Small town or city? City
Favorite place to vacation? It’s a toss up between Barcelona and Disney World
Sweet or savory? Savory

5 Books you’d take to a desert island:

  • Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace
  • The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny
  • The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas
  • Journey to the West in English Translation
  • The Tale of Genji by Lady Murasaki Shikibu

Thanks for stopping by, Cecilia!

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