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When the BDSM Writer’s Convention announced a book contest, I decided to write the story I had been describing to my friend. The tale underwent some metamorphosis as stories often do during the creative process. Lo and behold, Silver Chasings won the contest and I received a contract for the novel. An additional benefit from attending the BWCon was meeting Elizabeth SaFleur, an impressive novelist and now also a friend. 

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PictureI was fortunate enough to meet Kestra Gravier at the BDSM Writers Con last year, and was immediately impressed by her writing. (Plus, she’s fun and we have a mutual appreciation for good food and wine.)

If you’re like me, you seek fine writing and storytelling in erotica and erotic romance. Award-winning Kestra brings both of these talents to her books.  Her latest, Silver Chasings, is no exception!

About Silver Chasings
Garrick Jefferson Custis is the respected leader of Tempest, a BDSM club, and a man looking to make a change. He has his contractor business, willing submissives, and good friends. But he wants a relationship outside of the lifestyle. Quin Landry fled the BDSM scene after a messy divorce. Now, she is ready to try again, to fill in a missing piece. She just wants to have a little fun, find a Dom to be part of her life.

Change may not be what Garrick needs to make his life whole. With a little help from his friends, and the right submissive, he may just realize what he has been chasing is actually already in his grasp. Meet Garrick and Quintana, meet their friends and become immersed in the lives Club Tempest members.  Once you get to know them, you’ll want to know more…

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Kestra also answered some of our burning questions about her writing and Silver Chasings.

ES: How is your take on your genre erotic romance different?
KG: The books I want to write are the stories I want to read- which to me means an approach or viewpoint that I don’t easily find in the available literature.  Specifically, I like characters who have some life experience- people with grown children, those entering second or even third careers and exploring how BDSM travels along with their life, or enters their life at a point of transition. 

I tend to have my characters be someone you might interact with in your daily life, contractor, doctor, copywriter, with an interesting twist. And while clubs are a part of the BDSM lifestyle, there are many good series centered on BDSM clubs, so I am gradually moving my characters away from a club focus and experimenting with other settings for BDSM and erotic play.

Finally, I like romance mixed with intrigue or adventure, so I interweave romance and spy or murder or political skullduggery storylines with each other.  

ES: Tell us a little bit about Quin Landry of Silver Chasings.  Where is she when the story opens?
KG: Quin has lived in the town of Oceanfront for several years, rebuilding her copywriting business. She survived a bad divorce in which her ex-husband threatened to use Quin’s participation in BDSM to expose and humiliate her. The former spouse took their joint business and custody of the children. As this story opens, Quin has rebuilt her business and her children are over 18, so her friend Nicole is finally able to convince her to attend a BDSM play party. Quin is looking forward to recapturing a part of her life so long on hold.

ES: Is this book part of a series? What motivated the series?
KG: Silver Chasings is part of a series, it serves as an introductory novella. The main character in the series is Layla Cassatt, former burlesque troupe owner, biochem researcher and entrepreneur. However, she is a secondary character in Silver Chasings, and a supportive storyline from this book will become the central focus in the next installment in the series.

The idea for this series came about in a unique circumstance. I was caring for a friend who had just undergone major surgery and she was in pain and unable to concentrate on reading or watching TV. Mostly, she asked that I just talk to her so she could listen and not have to respond. So I began to spin a story about a burlesque performer who also solved mysteries.  Mostly I described backgrounds, characters and settings while I changed her dressings and managed drains.


PictureES: Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead characters in Silver Chasings?
KG: Quin Landry could be played by Gena Davis, a tall, athletic woman, whose roles showcase women with both strengths and vulnerabilities. Ms. Davis also physically channels Quin’s appearance. Her athleticism, friendly demeanor and apparent intelligence suit Quin to a ‘T’.


PictureA movie version of Silver Chasings’ Garrick Jefferson Custis would be well served by Eric Dane — with greener eyes!  Although edited out of Silver Chasings, Garrick’s name reflects his storied lineage — descended from Thomas Jefferson and Martha Custis Washington.  Eric Dane has the All-American look I envisioned as I saw Garrick striding around Oceanfront overseeing construction contracts.

ES: What is next for you, writing-wise? Any new books you’re working on you want to share?
KG: Next up is the series book to follow Silver Chasings, which will showcase Layla Cassatt, explore BDSM themes, and solve Chiles Marlborough’s murder.  Layla is a character I’ve been enjoying fleshing out.  Her history is quite varied and aspects of it will have impact on her stories. 


PictureIn a nutshell, Layla was a rising star in a biochem PhD program and had her research stolen by her advisor.                                                                                                          


PictureDisillusioned, she turned her hobby, burlesque, into her next career. After several adventures and collecting an impressive range of friends, frenemies and enemies, Layla sold the burlesque troupe to a European entertainment conglomerate.

Now she is casting about for her next incarnation and being pulled into the misadventures of her world-wide circle of friends. 

I’m also toying with the idea of trying my hand at world building, but not sci-fi.  This would be a fictitious European country, headed by a monarchy and the series of stories would follow the people working with royal family—doctors, security, communications professionals, career diplomats—and how they balance their kinky predilections with their professional obligations.

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Quick Takes! Tell us some of your preferences.

Favorite word: Homoscedasticity



Favorite season: Indian summer
Mountains or beach? Beach at sunrise
Dogs or cats? Cat
Blonds or brunettes? Both
Small town or city? City

Favorite place to vacation? Le Lavandou, France

Sweet or savory? Savory with heat
5 Books you’d take to a desert island:
Mists of Avalon, Marion Zimmer Bradley
Dune, Frank Herbert
Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell
1000 page Blank Book (with pens), Kestra Gravier
The Ultimate Survival Manual, Rich Johnson

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