Erotic Romance and Not Enough Words

PictureAs I write and edit the second novel in the Elite Doms of Washington series, I’ve discovered  not enough words in the English language exist.  In particular, words that one finds in erotic romance seem lacking.

Why can’t we have more words for desire, flesh, “the muscled plane” of his chest, and the ever-present C-words that pepper erotic romance stories?

I mean, how many times can you write, “her breath rasped against the red silk of his tie?” Enough rasping already!

Thesaurus resources aren’t much help when it comes to, ahem, adult words, either. Have you ever tried to look up “vagina” at I swear one day steam rose from my computer alongside the hippo’s response: “No words found.”

Whether you’re a reader or a writer of erotic romance, what words do you wish had more synonyms? (Personally, I’m holding my breath for more words meaning “breath.”)

(Tomorrow’s post? A new hot read I’m recommending!)

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