My Beloved, Bloated E-Reader. Long May It Reign.

I have so many books downloaded onto my iPad – using both the iBooks and Kindle apps – I’m surprised I can lift the darn thing. I’ve been hearing this mysterious new term lately – Kindle fatigue. What the heck is that? You mean people actually are tired of amassing a library of books? Not me. Bring it. In fact, I get a little itchy when the queue thins. I mean, what if I’m stuck in an airport or doctor’s office with no wi-fi and I can’t download anything and – gasp! – I don’t have at least 50 books to choose from? Perish the thought.

 What about you? How many books to you have on your e-reader? Can you have too many?

Hello Hollywood!

Great Material Over Here!

Do you ever wonder why your favorite erotic romance novels aren’t made into movies? Yeah, me, too.

Okay, they’re making that “one” movie that we all know about. (In case you live under a rock in a cave in the deepest recesses of the Pacific ocean, it’s the movie with “50” and “Shades” in it.) But, what about all the other films that could be made?

So, I penned this open letter to Hollywood. Because you know they are waiting with baited breath to hear from me, after all, right?

Dear Hollywood,
Let’s face it. You’re in a bit of slump. You’ve made, re-made, re-imagined and basically regurgitated every other concept, story and idea I’ve seen in my, ahem, years on the planet. I mean, do we really need another Superman movie? No offense to those time-honored stories. (Henry Cavil, if you are reading, I really, really didn’t mean to insult your turn to play Superman. I think you should play one of my heroes, actually. Call me.) Hey, there’s an idea. Superman in an erotic romance! But, I digress.

Making an erotic romance movie would be new. And, exciting. And, fun. And…well, new.

Let us assess the facts, shall we?

1.     The romance category is the second best seller of all book genres, and the erotic category is building some serious steam around being a favorite genre in that category. This means choices, materials, and fans. Speaking of which…

2.     The fans of romance border on the obsessed. Seriously. We put NASCAR to shame. We love an author? Well, hello backlist. We order and preorder books, stalk authors on Goodreads, and leave gushy emails and Facebook posts on their fan pages. We are in a word: loyal. Hello, Hollywood! Built in audience over here!

3.     Sex has always sold. If a movie studio is filming that “one” movie aforementioned, they can certainly make a movie from a novel by Sylvia Day, Beth Kery, Joey W. Hill, Patricia A. Knight, Kresley Cole, Cecilia Tan, Lisa Renee Jones, ohh, jeez, I’ll stop there if I have to. A plethora of authors await your attention.

4.     The sets are pretty easy, except when they won’t be. Hear me out. Sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal could get pretty location-heavy. But, hey, that means it’s a blockbuster. You like those, right? If not, many erotically-charged novels are set in just one place: the bedroom, the playroom, the [insert room of choice]. Consider these the “little films,” the ones that win Academy Awards. Unless, the big blockbuster wins it first. In other words, an erotic romance film could be anything we’ve seen bestowed with gold statues.

5.     So many genres to choose from: Sci-fi. Paranormal. Fantasy. Contemporary. Historical and Regency. Cowboy. Steam punk. I won’t list them all here. But, there are at least two dozen more. I also won’t get into ménage, same-sex, happy ending, downer endings and more. Erotic fiction’s colors and layers rival general fiction. Your choices are endless.

6.     Series potential. So, I mentioned the loyal fan base. Well, so many erotic romances go on and on and on and… Well, you get the idea. We fans love our happy endings. We love our continuing happy endings even more.

I could continue, but I think you get the drift, Hollywood. So, let me know when you’re ready. I await with my wallet in hand. In the meantime, you’ll find me over in the corner reading or writing.