Why Write Erotic Romance?

Very few people know my real identity, but the handful of friends who do have asked me (more than once), why write erotic romance? Why not write general fiction? Good question.

It’s because my characters tell me what to write. They are passionate (albeit fictional) people. They talk to me. They challenge. They refuse to go quietly. They have stories, and they want them told. They also have a lot of sex.

My alpha hero dominants are the most vocal. They insist I get everything right. I swear sometimes I feel hands descend on my shoulders as I type. They let me know when I veer off course – their course.

Naturally, my heroines have their own version of the story. They are spirited and independent, though they are willing to discuss where they might go next, hard and soft limits, and even wardrobe choices. The heroes? Not so much. They demand. Perhaps that’s why I find the male point of view faster to write.

And, write I must. The greater question is: would it be possible to NOT write erotic romance? No, it would not be possible. My mind fills with scenes, dialogue, silk panties begging to be ripped off, candles extinguished from bath water splashes, and commanding Dominants fulfilling fantasies of willing submissives.

I have dictated dialogue between characters into my iPhone as I drive. I have tapped out possibilities for scenes on my iPad in airports. I have annoyed my husband to no end by snapping on the nightstand light at two a.m. to scribble an idea on the notebook that is never, ever far from my grasp. I simply have to get it out of my head.

Never is anyone stripped to their essence more than when fulfilling their most primal urges. They swoon, they mate, they take and they give. My character’s erotic encounters are often both the beginning and the end of how they relate to one another. They show me how intimacy can be the light and can be the dark. Yet, they crash into one another again and again in hopes of finding that final, passionate communion.

So, that is why I write. It’s an obsession, one to which I’m happily addicted. I am honored they allow me to be part of their journeys.